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reBot 5 model

We reinvent the traditional boat of the Balearic islands, electrifying and digitalizing the user experience.

Technical characteristics

Measures: 4,62 mts x 1,71 mts.

Weight: 940 Kg. (4 x batteries included)

Capacity: up to 5 people

100% electric with a range of 8 hours of navigation at cruising speed. It has 4 removable batteries, with a capacity of 5.6 kWh each. A total of 22.4 kWh.

Full recharge time: 9h from 0 to 100%. It can be connected to any standard port socket, no specific chargers needed. The batteries can be charged separately, outside or inside the boat.

Maximum speed of 7 knts . Cruising speed 4,5 Knts.

GPS tracking through the APP (optional)

reBot 5

The first model from the Menorcan shipyard, reBot Yachts, burst onto the market at a competitive price.

Price from €29.900

*taxes not included

Equipment included:

– 4.62 meter boat
– Hydraulic steering
– Outdoor mats
– 7.5 kW motor
– 2 batteries (total 11.2 kWh)

Optional equipment:

– Extra battery(s) up to 22.4kWh
– Awning
– Helmet color
– Patent
– 10 kW motor
– GPS location

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